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Greetings Dear MidaseBook Users,

The purpose of this site is to share produced eMaterials dealt with distance education, online learning environment, eLaerning and open access materials with educator, researchers distance learner around the world. This site is to be operated by professor Ugur Demiray, Anadolu University, Turkey under behalf him. Beside this main purpose of this site is aiming to create a links for experts in the fields of distance education, technology and communication. It also aims at using the latest technologies in research, applications and learning academics. Moreover, the site aims to be a global meeting point for researchers in the field to exchange ideas and to enrich the subject. Also the site will address main themes that cover different aspects of the education world including E-learning technology, Education and Ethics, Organization and Management, Evaluation and Standards, Applications and E-learning curriculum issues.

Readers will highlight the features and benefits of applying the latest development in technology and communication to the area of educational and learning, with special emphasis on distance education, e-learning, mlearning etc.

Materials describing original works are invited in any of the areas listed here. The site invites proposals from the introductory through advanced level on all topics related to: the use of education and communication technologies in distance education, and instruction and knowledge about new learning technologies in; Economic, Social and Cultural Dimension of Distance Education (DE), Pedagogical, Political, Philosophical, Legal, Ethical Reflections in DE, Organization in DE, Needs Assessment in DE, Staff Training in DE, Program and Material Development in DE, Professional Experiences on DE, Financial Planning of DE, Learning Resources in DE, Digital Libraries an and Virtual Universities, Guidance and Counseling, Communication, Multi-Media Software, Web Technology, Internet, Network Software, Measurement, Quality Control and Evaluation in DE, Production of Quality in DE Performance Evaluation, DE in the Future, DE and Globalization, Dynamism and Dimensions of DE in 21' Century, Distance Online Learning, Building Knowledge Networks, Internet Privacy and Security Issues, Equity, Justice and Human Rights in DE, DE and Industry Partnerships, Professional Development, Standards and Assessment, Evaluation Methods in DE, Assistive Technologies, The Changing Roles of the Teacher, Virtual Reality, elearning and mlearning.

Thus, placed materials describing advanced distance education and e-learning/mlearning systems, tools, technologies and future directions of applying technology and communication advancement are welcomed. Accepted materials, should be based on quality, relevance and originality.

Please, do not hesitate to ask any question at any time to Ugur Demiray via indicated contact addresses at contact link.

Dr. Ugur Demiray